Costco Deals

Let me start with saying that everyone that added the Quaker Chewy Granola bars I posted from Amazon earlier, cancel your orders! That’s a great thing about Subscribe and Save is you have almost until your monthly delivery date to make changes!

Now, head to Costco and grab the 60 count box of their Quaker Chewy Variety pack for just $5.99! Less than $0.10/bar!


While you are there, here are the other goodies I snagged tonight…. These Premier Protein chocolate shakes are just $19.99 for an 18 pack. At 160 calories, these have 30 grams of protein and just 3 grams of fat, plus they taste good! I’ve been drinking the vanilla ones for a while but my husband and kids convinced me to switch to chocolate so they can have some too! I love having these in my fridge to grab when I’m on the go and don’t have time to make a meal. (atleast once a day!)

My nephew is staying with me for a few weeks and he LOVES these dumplings. So, I walked by just to see how much they are and didn’t hesitate grabbing a box when I saw they were an extra $4 off, so just $7.99!

These Stonyfield Organic Squeezers were also on sale $3 off, making them just $5.99 for 3 boxes, or 24 tubes! This is Ryanns go-to snack in the morning, and during the school year I freeze them to add to the kids lunches in the morning! Awesome price!


And of course, vitamin water! The whole family loves them, and these Vitamin Water Zero’s are an awesome mixer with vodka for Friday nights 🙂  Also on sale for $4 off, so just $11.49 for this 20 pack!


The final deal I scored tonight was the Dawn Advanced Power Platinum Liquid Dish Soap in a HUGE 90oz size! I like to keep this on hand under the sink to refill my regular size bottle when it’s running low and this price of $7.69 is great! I didn’t grab the Cascade Advanced Power Dishwasher gel because I prefer the tabs with the Dawn added (I mentioned earlier from Amazon Cascade Dishwasher Tabs) but this price of $6.99 seems like a great deal too!



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