Not ready to say Goodbye to Summer

I am in no way ready for summer to be over. I’m not ready for my baby boy to start Kindergarten, and not even ready for the girls to be back in school every day! I’ve been lucky enough to stay home with the kids since before Tyler was born and I just don’t know what my world looks like without him by my side all week long. Preschool was a welcome break for both of us, but I still had him back with me to enjoy lunch and spend our afternoons together, now he’s going to be gone with the girls ALL day! 😦
I’m not ready for the early mornings or crazy nights packing lunches, picking out clothes for the next day and making sure everyones homework is ready. I’m not ready to lose the extra flexibility we’ve had these last few months, really being able to do whatever we wanted. Peyton wanted to go swimming, okay jump in the car! Tyler wanted to see the koalas, okay lets head to the zoo! Taylor wanted to see a movie, okay I’ll check times, lets head to the theater! I would feel a little homesick, no problem let’s go back to Fort Collins for a long weekend!

BUT waking up to these slightly cooler temperatures and a little bit of rain reminds me that I AM ready for Fall outfits! Jeans, sweatshirts, boots, bring them on! I love the coziness of Fall and Winter outfits and I am ready to pack up all the shorts and store them away for next Summer!

These high rise jeggings or on sale right now for just $20! They have a reinforced distressed look that I love for colder days!
And I’m loving this lace up hoodie that you can grab for less than $18
I grabbed this in the mauve color, but it is so comfy and I love it so much I’m ordering the black too. Miss Taylor is already asking when she can borrow it!
A girlfriend just showed me this side lace up hoodie this morning, super cute! 14.jpg

Nordstrom Rack has the Converse Shoreline in a oyster gray for only $39.97 right now. Great price for Converse! Check them out here


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