Intimidated by Amazon’s Subscribe and Save??

Don’t be! Amazon’s subscribe and save program can seem a bit overwhelming, I know I had tons of questions before I started. I figured Amazon was working fine for me with my regular two day shipping and buying things as they came up so why mess with it. But it can really be so much better!!

Basically you are signing up to receive products on a regular basis, this can be every month, every other month or every 6 months…whatever works best for your schedule. For example, I know I need a new order of toilet paper every month but I only need to replace my shampoo or toothpaste every other month. You choose the setting for each item. Of course snack items I am in need of every month (every day is more like it!) So whenever I see deals on these items I add them that month. Keep in mind, there is NO obligation and everything can be changed!

Okay, so a few basic perks are free shipping, even if you aren’t an Amazon prime member! There is absolutely no obligation! After you receive your first monthly order you can decide if you want to change future dates or even cancel all together. And of course there are extra discounts on top of Amazons regular (and usually great) pricing. The normal subscribe and save discount is 5%, but when you choose 5 or more items for your monthly delivery that percentage goes up to 15%! (20% for diapers!!)

***I’m going to share a trick*** When you shop around on their subscribe and save page you will almost always be able to find some item around $3. Whether it’s candy, toothbrushes or some other little goody that you will likely be able to put to use. I suggest adding one or two of these items if you are below that lucky 5 number for your delivery to ensure you get the 15% off!

Extra bonus, you can combine Amazons coupons with subscribe and save deals. Check here for an updated list of Amazons available coupons

So to break it down:
Choose one (OR FIVE!!!) items from Amazons Subscribe and Save Store 
Click on any coupons that may be available then choose how many you would like to order and how often. Click on Subscribe now!
It will then ask for your shipping address, payment information, and to confirm your subscription! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy (yes, I hang out with kids all day long!) Your card will not be charged until your items ship.
Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.52.52 PM

Managing Your Subscriptions is just as easy! You get to choose which day each month that your items will arrive (not when they will ship). You will also get an email each month before your items prepare to ship reminding you to check that months order and make any necessary changes!


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