Nintendo Switch – Mario Odyssey

Who all has the Nintendo Switch?! This is definitely my favorite gaming system yet! Love that the kids can play it handheld or on the TV. And for extra fun, we connect it to the projector and it’s awesome on the big screen!

The new Mario Odyssey game came out yesterday and my husband has informed me it has perfect reviews! Yes, he’s a big of a gaming nerd 🙂
So, he had me pick of the game in the morning yesterday and at first told me this was a great Christmas gift for the kiddos. Shortly after it became a fun thing for us to play together this weekend for “family time”. Well, long story short….guess who was sitting out on the couch playing it all by himself when the kids and I woke up this morning?! Hint: Same guy that said it would be a great Christmas gift!

If this is on your list for Christmas you can grab it from Target here: or grab it from Amazon here:Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch


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