Beat Bugs – 30% off with Cartwheel

Who has heard of the Beat Bugs?! Before this morning, I had NO idea what they were, but after reading around on them a little bit, I am pretty excited to check them out! So, Beat Bugs is a Netflix original animated series inspired by songs made famous by The Beatles! How fun is that?!

Well TODAY ONLY, Target Cartwheel is offering up 30% off Beat Bugs toys! Beat Bugs Cartwheel! How cute is this Musical Submarine!? This plays the songs Yellow Submarine, All You Need is Love, and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. How nice to have a toy that isn’t making the annoying sounds that make you turn it off and tell the kids the batteries are dead!?

submarineThis is on sale on Targets website for $19.99! So make sure you add the Cartwheel to your device, head into the store and grab this for just $13.99!

Other options I have found include:
Beat Bugs® Magical Musical Bug Keeper
Beat Bugs®Band – Crick’s Guitar
Beat Bugs® Piano Dance Mat
Beat Bugs Fab Figures 3-Pack – Buzz, Crick and Walter
Be sure to check out your local store, because it looks like there are quite a few options!


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