Sandals! Are you ready for Summer?!

After this day, I don’t think it is possible to be more ready! As I’m typing this post, we are in the middle of a blizzard warning (Spring????) where we may see up to 18″ of snow. They are saying travel will be next to impossible! We woke up this morning to huge bursts of thunder and crazy hail blasting down on the roof. We had kids freaking out, insisting they could not go to school like this, and dogs running around as if it was the end of the world!

Well, if that isn’t BLAH enough, I spent a good chunk of this evening holding onto our trampoline with every ounce of strength I have (granted, that is not saying much!) as the 50mph gusts of wind tried to take it even further away from our house! I forgot to mention that I am doing this while standing in our neighbors back yard because the wind has already blown the trampoline across the yard and OVER the fence! The trampoline is sitting sideways halfway over the top of our neighbors trampoline, it was a total mess! So my amazing husband and super awesome neighbor rushed to detach springs and take the trampoline apart with Taylor and I helping wherever we could. I am pretty confident that nobody was able to feel their fingers by the end of this! So, yes, bring on SUMMER, we are ready!

Back to the point….sandals! Check out these adorable Birkenstock look alike sandals you can score at Kohls for a fraction of the cost!!
If you are a Kohls card holder you can use code TULIPS30 to get an extra 30% off. Use code KCSHIP for FREE shipping.
Not a Kohls cardholder? No worries, use code HURRY15 to score an extra 15%

Taylor got the blue color thong sandals for Easter and they are adorable! Now fingers crossed for better weather so she can start wearing them!

Buckle Thong Sandals
Double Buckle Cork Sandals
Toe Loop Sandals




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