Connect Four

My brother in law loves this game and would get it out every time we would visit. This is a great game for the whole family. Hasbro Connect 4 Game for only $6! (affiliate link)


Tea Set

Ryann's Tea Set is one of her absolute favorite toys! Peyton always loved hers as well. ALEX Toys - Pretend & Play, Tea Set Basket, 709W (affiliate link) Amazon has an awesome deal and you an grab this for over 40% off

Yeti in My Spaghetti

We played this at one of the Barnes and Noble game nights this summer and had so much fun. Tyler especially LOVED this game and points it out anytime we are in the stores now. PlayMonster Yeti in My Spaghetti You can grab it for an awesome price on Amazon today. $7.81! This would make... Continue Reading →

Scruff A Luvs

Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs  (Affiliate Link) These had been sold out for a while and are available as of the time of this post. The blue one is even on a small sale! Not sure how long this will last. We gave Ryann this for her birthday and everyone loved it!! Ours turned out to be... Continue Reading →

Toys at Costco

The toy deals at Costco are HOT! I made the mistake of letting the little kids walk through with me and they did not want to leave. Tyler told me this was the best store he has ever seen in his life! (all the samples may have played a small part in that too!) When... Continue Reading →

Crazy Good Diaper Deals

I am so grateful that I no longer have a little one in diapers! But I know lots of you are still looking for good deals on Amazon has some CRAZY prices on Huggies Diapers right now Size 2 - 246 count Snug and Dry Be sure to click the coupon for $2 off and... Continue Reading →

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